Edge of Dock Leveler

  • Mounts directly to the dock face and provides a recommended working range of +/- 3″ and a maximum operating range of +/- 5″
  • Dual extension springs offer proven efficiency and durability
  • Milled lip edge for smooth tire rollover
  • Secondary gussets for added strength and extended life
  • Heavy-duty self-storing steel lever with EZ grip handle
  • Heavy-duty bumper blocks with Tuf-cord rubber bumpers
  • Mount directly to the dock far and provide a working range of +/- 3″ and a maximum operating range of +/- 5″
  • Mechanically operated edge-of-dock levelers are the largest selling dock in the industry.
  • Dual extension springs offer maximum efficiency. Rugged construction ensures extended life.


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Architectural Specifications

Selecting loading dock equipment for your next project can be difficult. Using our specifications will provide you with accurate information so you can make an informed decision. Specifications allow contractors and architects to compare products in the most concise way possible. Making an apples-to-apples comparison has never been easier.


Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical dock levelers are manual, spring driven levelers perfect for lower volume operations. 

Edge of Dock Levelers

Edge mount levelers that are ideal for operations that have little variability in trailer height. 

Air Powered Dock Levelers

Reliable, automatic levelers that are driven by inflation and deflation of an air bladder.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Built for high capacity environments, hydraulic levelers are durable and reliable. 


Dock seals are foam pads that a trailer compresses when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumpers.

Dock Shelter

Shelters surround door openings, shielding products and workers from weather.  

Dock Lock

Vehicle Restraint

Vehicle restraints prevent a trailer from leaving the dock while loading or unloading. 

Overhead Doors

Doors are available in virtually any size to accommodate your needs. We offer all types of doors. 

high speed doors

High Speed Doors

High speed doors are ideal for operations that open and close doors frequently throughout the day. 


High velocity, low speed fans help save on energy costs and keep your warehouse comfortable.